Custom Glock beavertails from Brownells

Brownells has a neat WECSOG guide to slimming the grip and adding a beavertail to your Glock pistol.  I’m tempted to try this on a Glock 24.  If you’re scared of the do it yourself process but still want to tart up your Glock a little bit, you could also send it off to Southpaw Custom to have the work done.

h/t Uncle


  1. If you dislike the Glock that much, then maybe it’s time to get a new gun by a different manufacturer.

  2. I don’t think this is about dislike, because no one would invest that kind of effort on a gun they don’t like.

  3. You’re right Caleb. Definitely not about dislike. Sometimes people do things to their guns that are not necessary just to make it “their gun”. I can think of worse things to do. To each their own…

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