This is why we have pocket holsters

So that guns don’t just “go off” in your pocket.  Of course, the gun didn’t just “go off”; in fact I’d be willing to bet dollars to pesos that when the person in question retrieved her hung coat from the tree limb that their finger or some fabric got bunched into the trigger guard, resulting in the negligent discharge.  If you carry a pocket gun, get a pocket holster for it.

With pocket guns, the purpose of the holster changes from weapons retention and transportation to primarily being there to prevent NDs.  The trigger guard should be covered by a proper pocket holster, and most importantly don’t put anything else in the gun pocket.  If there’s a gun in your pocket, it (and its holster) should be the only occupants of that pocket.


  1. And with a Desantis Nemesis, or an Uncle Mike’s pocket holster running all of $10-$15 nobody has an excuse not to use one.

    FYI the Nemesis is the BALLS! I can’t believe I went this long with an adequate, but not-as-good Uncle Mike’s

  2. So I agree with the need for proper holsters.


    Given the news report we have, we cannot be completely sure that murder or suicide were not the real explanation. (Grabbed a coat off a tree, got an ND, was hit in the head. Couuuuuuld be… But…)

    [Of course there be may lots of evidence not at hand.]

    But yes, get a proper holster.

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