Us and them

So apparently the President doesn’t know how to pronounce “Marine Corps” correctly. Many comparisons have been made to his predecessor’s inability to correctly pronounce “nuclear”.

The difference is that liberals spent the next 8 years harping on how stupid Bush was, whereas the Marines will simply shrug and get back to the important business of shooting smelly terrorists and other sundry badguys in the face.


  1. assume he said “corpse” It’s tough when you’re reading from a teleprompter and don’t really know what you’re saying, have to do it phonetically, if you didn’t study your lines ahead of time. Can’t expect much from a mere puppet.

  2. I bet he can order food in French without much trouble.
    …I bet when he orders food in French without much trouble it will prove to the media that he truly is an “International” POTUS.

  3. Uhhh… corpsman would actually be a NAVY medical person attached to the Marines, mostly encountered serving with them as a field medic. At least that’s what ours were back when I was in and I’m doubtful it’s changed over the couple of decades since.

  4. If you’re wounded, and they call for a “corpseman”, you ain’t wounded anymore.

  5. What’s bothersome is that some years ago a French General was visiting and had the chance to talk about the military. He used the term “Corpsman” effortlessly.

  6. And this has what to do with firearms?

    This is easily the most annoying thing about nearly all firearm blogs – they love to get off track and whine endlessly about the liberals.

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