1. You just can’t convince devotees of sights like XS, that they are pretty much useless. I suppose they can spend their money on snake oil if they want, there’s no skin off my nose, but I think those types of sights build a false sense of confidence.

    Besides, I’m told that XS Big Dot sights are just as easy and fast to get hits on distant targets as traditional sights.

    I guess the fact that no high level competitor uses them doesn’t mean anything.

  2. XS Big Dots are about fighting not competing.

    I’ve spent several days participating in force on force / simunitions training using a variety of sights in low light situations – including lasers. It was my opinion, as well as most that participated, that the bigger the front sight the better. I would not have minded a golf-ball sized front sight.

    Before that experience I would not have thought it mattered. Now I believe and have even placed 1st in some combat matches using them.

    I’ll agree they are not competition sights and they do not offer the same level of precision at extended ranges. If I believed IPSC was a true measure of combat handgun skill and equipment – its not – I would call them snake oil too.


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