Aim Fast, Hit Fast Indianapolis

ToddG of Pistol Training.Com is coming to Indy to bring his excellent Aim Fast, Hit Fast class to Eagle Creek.  Class is limited to 12 participants, and I know for a fact that it’s down at least to 11 slots…since I jumped on it with both feet when I saw it.

Todd recently appeared on the SHOT SHOW 2010 episode of Gun Nuts Radio, where he was kind enough to give us an insider’s look at the new guns from Smith & Wesson, HK, and Sig Sauer.  If you get a chance to take a class from Todd regardless of where you are, I strongly encourage you to so do.  Come October, I’ll have a front row seat and a report on the Aim Fast, Hit Fast Indianapolis class.


  1. The thing that most impressed me about Caleb signing up for the class was his commitment to shoot the entire class with a 4″ S&W 500. 8)

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