1. Randy – it’s an 18 inch flattop AR, had 150 rounds fired through it. Retail is $1200, but I’m thinking around $850.

  1. Uh, some details/specs would be nice. Perhaps some photos? If it has a fixed stock I could almost be persuaded, not having an AR to call my own…

  2. Caleb, what’s the chambering?

    a. 5.56 NATO

    b. .223 Remington

    c. WYLDE hybrid chamber

    And, what’s the rate of twist?

    a. 1:9

    b. 1:8

    c. 1:7

    Is it a Rock River, a Bushie, a DMPS or some other known make…….or, is it a Frankenrifle? (nothing wrong with that, just detail the bits?)

    Forend configuration? A-2, Destroyer, rail farm, or ???

    Iron sights included, and if so, what kind?

    Oh, and pictures, if I might be so rude as to ask?


    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

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