Attention Indiana residents: Handgun Database bills in committee!

The bill to close the Indiana Handgun Database so that your private information will be safe is before the House Natural Resources Committee today.  The members of the House Committee are under heavy fire from the Indiana state’s journalist and media association, who want them to put a amendment in the bill that would allow papers to still have access to the database.

Doing this would gut the bill, and eviscerate it’s original purpose which is to protect law abiding gun owners from journalistic activism and printing the database.  Please contact the following reps and urge them to suppor the bill in its current form, and to not cave in to the demands of the media elite:

Chairman, bob bischoff; [email protected]
Vice-chair, dave cheatham; [email protected]
Bill sponsor, peggy welch; [email protected]
nancy dembowski [email protected]
Dale grubb; [email protected]
Nancy michael; [email protected]
Phil pflum; [email protected]
Paul robertson; [email protected]
Bob cherry; [email protected]
Dick dodge; [email protected]
Tim brown; [email protected]
Sean eberhart; [email protected]
Dan leonard; [email protected]

There are 27 other states that have legislation like this, and none of the make an exception for the media.  Why?  Because the media is the problem here.

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