Indy Star threatens state representative

I’ll have more details as I get them, but I just heard from a source that the local paper here in Indy actually threated State Representative Mike Murphy in an email.  Rep. Murphy is the sponsor of one of the bills that would limit access to the concealed carry database to LE only.

Details are thin right now, but from what I understand, the senior editor of the Star sent a series of emails to Rep. Murphy blasting him for the bill, and then telling Rep. Murphy that the Star would not run any positive stories about the bill.  Oddly enough, the editor also apparently accused NRA of leaving poop on his doorstep.

However, it’s the threat to try and control the message that is most concerning.  Newspapers cannot be allowed to squash narratives and suppress information that the people have a right to know simply because it doesn’t agree with some editor’s personal politics.  Right now, I’m in touch with the Representative playing email tag to get more details, and as soon as I get them I’ll update here and on my Twitter feed.


  1. Unfortunately as far as the law goes a paper can run whatever they want. The problem is the threat. You are not ever allowed to threaten people. I hope it’s not true because that will be a new low….

  2. Poop on the doorstep? And from the NRA, no less? Bwahhhahhhahah!

    I know that if I ever find poop on my steps, my first thought would be “Drat! It must be Sarah Brady!”

  3. I await the Star’s fearless reporting of the names and addresses of everyone in Indiana who’s had an abortion.

  4. Just a clarification. The original Star article that’s causing all the fuss just published demographics about LTCH that it compiled from the State list (which is currently public info)

    The Star did NOT publish the names and addresses of LTCH holders. Just trying to keep things straight.

    Murphy’s bill would limit access to the LTCH list to LE agencies with a justifiable purpose. Am I right?

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