Meet the new Ruger firearms

Unofficially, the three new guns from Ruger are as follows:

1. The SR-9c: a compact version of the popular SR-9 pistol. It’s between a Glock 19 and Glock 26 in terms of size.
2. 8 shot Ruger Blackhawk in .327 Federal. This should be a popular hunting and plinking revolver, as there are rumors of a new load in .327 that pushes the round to .30 Carbine levels.
3. 7-shot Ruger GP-100 in .327 Federal. Ruger upgrades the standard bearer in .357 revolvers to include 7 rounds of .327 Federal firepower. This is a serious carry gun, that could also find a place in ICORE, as the 7 shot capacity suits itself well to that game.

I’ll have more updates on the guns individually as more details are released!


  1. I’m just not a revolver guy so not much for me here. The .327 is an interesting round though and I’m going to have to look into it more.

  2. Nice. I am pleased to see that it wasn’t some rehash of an old design. I love my 1911 clone and respect the AR-15 platform, but I’m thrilled to see Ruger trying something new.

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