Hey look, a Glock

Leaked photos of the Gen4 Glock. While interesting, my real comment to the new Glock is “hey, maybe now Glock can reclaim the marketshare they lost to Smith & Wesson’s M&P”.

In all seriousness though, it’s great to see a Glock model with a modular backstrap to accomodate shooters with different sized hands. I’m holding out for the G19 version though, as I don’t have a lot of use for a G17.


  1. The best thing about the 4th Gen Glock will be the flood of lightly used 3rd gen Glocks available.

    Honestly, I’d carry a 2nd gen G19 if I could find one. I really don’t need a rail on a CCW piece and I’m ambivalent about the finger grooves.

  2. +1 for what PDB had to say. Used ones will be flooding the market soon enough.

    I already have a use G17 and a new G26 I bought a year ago. I carry the G26 for CCW, but, the G17 is just a really nice 9mm full size.

    Never saw the need for a rail on a CCW gun, so, I have to agree … light rails are silly on a CCW gun. Your not going to go walking around with a TLR-1/3 on a G19/G23.

    Anyhow, very boring. True. Very reliable is why I carry it instead of a 1911.

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