Oh frabjous day

It appears that Obama will get his wish of a health care bill, even as some hard left and the media (redundancy alert) are decrying the bill for having the single payer health care stripped out of it.  Apparently, the Chosen One is on TV right now gloating about this.  If you’re wondering just how stupid this bill is, well here’s the first one: it includes a tax on tanning salons.  I kid you not, tanning salons are being targeted with like a 10% national tax.  I hope small businesses like having the government come after their wallets.

In other news, here are some gift ideas for after Congress passes this stupid bill!


  1. I’m boggled that Congress thinks they can essentially pass a sales tax on a service provided by non-interstate actors. But that ship sailed in the (real) Great Depression; and continued with Raich. But there is no PRODUCT there, only a service. Conceivably they can tax the machines, I guess…

  2. Looking for a constitutional basis for laws or taxes is SO quaint!

    What are you some kind of Tea Bagging racist flat-earther creationist Climate Change denier?

  3. Well, 2 out of 5, anyway 🙂

    I’m hoping this mess hits this Supreme Court; it’s the last best chance for … something, anyway (with apologies to JMS). And I will have a nice tall glass of schadenfreude watching the scenery-chewing foaming-at-the-mouth hysterics Congress and The One will have if they’re told “No”.

    (I won’t give odds until the court rules on the McCain-Feingold challenge in front of them – that will give me a better idea of how this court will be on stuff like that)

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