Desperately wanting

I remember running through the wet grass…Sorry, got a little distracted there, because I was cruising Gallery of Guns and and saw this.  With some action work and a new set of grips, a 5 inch GP100 would be pretty money for Bianchi Cup’s production division, and it would do so in a way as to not break the bank.  I’ve definitely had worse ideas.  Not a bad idea for a budget competition gun for Bianchi Production Division or ICORE’s new Retro Division.

Image from Davidsons

3 thoughts on “Desperately wanting”

  1. Certainly can’t beat the price. Also if you get sick of or replace it as a competition gun you can have fun working up handloads to pressures enough to facilitate a moon launch!

  2. I’ve no idea who this Ezra character is… but I sincerely doubt the band’s claim of superiority to him/her/it.

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