Desperately wanting

I remember running through the wet grass…Sorry, got a little distracted there, because I was cruising Gallery of Guns and and saw this.  With some action work and a new set of grips, a 5 inch GP100 would be pretty money for Bianchi Cup’s production division, and it would do so in a way as to not break the bank.  I’ve definitely had worse ideas.  Not a bad idea for a budget competition gun for Bianchi Production Division or ICORE’s new Retro Division.

Image from Davidsons


  1. Certainly can’t beat the price. Also if you get sick of or replace it as a competition gun you can have fun working up handloads to pressures enough to facilitate a moon launch!

  2. I’ve no idea who this Ezra character is… but I sincerely doubt the band’s claim of superiority to him/her/it.

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