It's a matter of gibbon take

Title shamelessly stolen from an email with SayUncle last night.  If you missed me on NRA News, you can hear the segment by going here and clicking on the Program Archive, selecting December 3rd and clicking on the segment title, which is “Caleb Gibbons”.  Of course, thanks to pdb, the gaffe has been preserved for posterity.

In all seriousness though, the permit database that the HTO is running is serious business.  I actually had an email exchange with the editor yesterday, with me making the point that their database 1) exposes gun owners and non gun owners to increased risk of criminal activity, and 2) treats gun owners like sex offenders and “criminals waiting to happen”.  To boil his response down a nutshell, it was “nuh-uh.”

Keep the phone calls and emails to the Herald Times coming, and make sure that you’re contacting your legislators to let them know that you want them to support a bill making our handgun license information private data.


  1. The issue of CHL privacy is going to through the courts in Oregon. Several newspapers have asked for lists of concealed carry holders, but the sheriffs have refused to release them. A bill was crafted to protect our privacy, but it never made it through the legislature.

    (I don’t know which so-called “gun rights group” supported disclosure, it wasn’t the few I’m aware of).

  2. You really need to get a ton of public info on the editorial board and publish it on a billboard right outside their office or run an ad in their paper with it. Get stuff like addresses, phone numbers, marraige certificates, divorce proceedings, car registrations, etc …. (leave info about their kids out of it) and run with it. If they want to play dirty, then its time to start throwing mud right back at them.

    Since its public info just like the gun permits, they should have no problem with it being published right?

  3. I enjoy your show and website. I suggest taking their photos, employees of the paper, and compare them to the list. Make a flier that shows everyone w/o a gun permit. The flier should have their name, photo and home address. It should say,”I don’t own a gun. I don’t carry a gun. I work at the Herald Times.”
    Put the flier in your local crime ridden walmart parking lot. After a few robberies, watch the iberals change. I’d be happy to send money to help you rent a sign or print fliers.

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