Some website I’ve never heard of has an article about a couple of college kids that sued their campus and won the right to protest.  They’re doing empty holster protests, which is cool.  None of that is the fail.  The fail is that if you click the article, the picture shows someone with their finger on the trigger of their gun.

I hope it’s a stock photo.  I really do.  You want to know why?  Because if it’s not a stock photo, that means that one of those kids posed for that picture and didn’t have the presence of mind to not put his booger hook on the bang switch.  But hey, maybe it’s a stock photo that the website just threw up there because it’s the only one they had of someone with a gun.

Of course, if that is the case then it’s also fail, because the website really needs to find pictures of people that know what they’re doing.

Update: In the comments, it’s been confirmed as a stock photo.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a media outlet would use that photo.


  1. Looks like they should’ve gotten in contact with Oleg…. I’m sure he’s got TONS of stock photography that would’ve looks GREAT in its place…..

  2. Jesus, I just spent a little more time hunting for gun pictures…No agenda there at ALL!

    Also maybe 1% of the photos does anybody look even halfway competent in gun handing or safety.


  3. I’m pretty sure the oh-so-hip vibe given off by the ratty jeans was of greater concern than a 4 rules violation.

  4. Are you entirely sure he doesn’t just have an orc finger? If so, then he’s properly indexing it.

    On the other hand, a Glock would surely melt if it came anywhere near Mt. Doom, so perhaps it’s not…

    /1911 semi-trolling

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