And now a word from our sponsors

Look ma, more advertising!  In all seriousness though, we’re committed to only offering the best of the shooting sports community, which is why now we’re partnered with two of the best out there, Cheaper than Dirt (on the right) and now part of the affiliate program.  I’ve had a lot of dealings with both companies, and can recommend them without reservation.  Full disclosure as well: I get paid when you buy stuff at Brownells, so uh, buy stuff.

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  1. I’m local to Cheaper than Dirt. Pretty good place, but not always the best prices. What I’ve always liked about them is that while they may not have the lowest price…they always have had what I’m looking for. Even during the Great Ammo Shortage of Ought Nine, I could always go in there and get plenty of ammo in even some of the stranger and lesser used calibers. Guys there are also very professional, know their stuff, and I have never felt like I was “just another sale” when I was there. So good on you for getting that hook up.

    Now, if only they didn’t want 5-7 years of experience with that Purchasing position they have open…

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