Gun Nuts Tonight: What's the best round for serial killers?

Tonight’s Gun Nuts Radio should be an interesting show, rest assured of that.  We were going to do a show on defensive ammo selection, and while that’s going to be the bottom half of the show, the top half is going to be talking about Cleveland’s serial killer, a convicted felon that after serving 15 years in prison was released…and murdered 5-11 people in the next 4 years.  This is exactly the kind of story that hits home with listeners, so we’re going to be discussing that.  Check it out at tonight at 9pm Eastern time.

After that, Breda and I will be talking about defensive ammo selection for your concealed carry gun.  For the record, the best round to use against serial killers is the round you have with you in the gun you’re carrying – following my “any stool in a barfight” theory of combat.  But you won’t want to miss tonight’s show as we take a look at terminal ballistics, the FBI protocols, and debunk the myth of the one-shot stop!  That’s all tonight at 9pm Eastern time at – be there!


  1. my “any stool in a barfight” theory of combat.

    Don’t you mean your “any cup of mocha grandé” theory of combat?

  2. The same round I use for zombies, werewolves, pirates, ninjas, muggers, bears, home invaders, killer space robots, rapists, face-eating monkeys, and carjackers: Remington 230gr Golden Sabers. (Or whatever else was handy, but statistically speaking, it’s most likely to be the Remingtons.)

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