Fort Hood

Yesterday afternoon, I put up a link to the Warrior Song, not knowing what was about to take place at Fort Hood in Texas.  There, a man took the lives of his fellow soldiers, and while his motives are not clear at this time, what is clear is that today we are a lesser nation for the loss of the lives of those soldiers.

The Warrior Song got me thinking, though – about the nature of our grief for those soldiers who lost their lives yesterday.  Whether they were a clerk, a cook, an accountant, a rifleman, it doesn’t matter – each and every one of them was a warrior.  So yes, mourn their passing.  Grieve for their families in their hour of lost.  Grieve for our nation, for we are indeed a lesser country for each warrior we lose.  But never forget that they were the best of us; as long as nation remains one where men and women volunteer to defend their nation, we are truly a great nation.

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