Gun Nuts tonight – Armed America

And you thought we weren’t going to have a killer episode of Gun Nuts Radio tonight, didn’t you?  Well, you were wrong. Joining us tonight on Gun Nuts Radio at 9pm Eastern time will be Kathy Jackson, co-author of the new book Lessons from Armed America.  Kathy will be speaking about the book, her inspiration in writing the book, as well as sharing some of the stories from it with us.

We’ll also be taking questions from you, our listeners to our dedicated call in line at 347-539-5436, so if you have a question for Kathy about the book, or about her work as a firearms instructor, get ready to call in once I open the phone lines.  If you join us live at, you’ll also get the chance to participate in the Gun Nuts Chat, a lively real-time discussion of the issues being presented on the show.

That’s tonight, 9pm Eastern time at!  Don’t miss the show!