Year to date

Total rounds fired in competition and practice: 7,697 (this does not include .22s)

Total malfunctions across all platforms: 43

That means that  I have had 0.55% malfunction rate, year to date.  The biggest culprit for malfs is my Para Tac-5 LDA, which is an absolute princess when it comes to what ammo it will digest, preferring only hot +P loads or NATO loads.  My most reliable centerfire pistol is my S&W 625, which just keeps on ticking, owing to the fact that it’s a revolver, and I keep it clean.  For semi-autos, my Gun Blog 9mm is still king of the roost.

The above number is only centerfire rounds, and doesn’t include about a jillion .22s that have gone down range.  I actually don’t bother to count or log .22s – it would make the spreadsheet too messy to deal with.


  1. Wow. It amazes me that you count that…

    Is there anything that you cross reference it with, such as drills fired or points scored?

    I’m honestly just curious because I’m the type of guy that details strips and cleans his gun maybe 2-3 times a season. Tops.

  2. Yeah, I do actually track drills and stuff. For example, if I shoot the IDPA classifier, then I’ll also note my agg time for the classifier. Or if I shoot a bunch of “FAST” drills, I’ll note the averages on the times.

    I also track type of ammo I fire by caliber, manufacturer, and bullet weight. That way I can generally know if certain guns don’t like certain types of ammo, etc.

  3. Do you notice that certain guns and/or ammunition combinations make you perform your baselines better or worse? By extension, with what gun do you perform the best, say, doing your classifier?

    For example, with 155 gr. .40 I know I’ll shoot an El Pres, in about 8.5. With 180, I’m seeing that time closer to 8 or under. (all A’s.) It just feels that the 180 is less punishing than the 155.

    I don’t keep track of rounds fired, but do keep track of my times, splits, etc. and that gets logged with the model gun and manufacturer ammo and weight.

  4. Any chance you might share your sheet? I just started up making a sheet to track my rounds… I would love to see what a hard-core shooter’s sheet looks like.

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