1. It is not. To be in compliance, it has to meet with the general description put forward in Tennessee State Code 39-17-1359. That said, if they ask you to leave (for whatever reason), and you do not, you could still be arrested for trespassing. Also, “loose” interpretations of that TN SC have not been tested/challenged in court, yet…

  2. Got lunch/dinner plans tomorrow?

    Wife is out of town, I can meet you in Memphis if you’d like. Maybe a movie, a little dancing, an awkward goodbye at the end of the evening…

  3. yeah… I’ve only seen 3 or 4 signs that come close to being “proper” according the AG’s most recent opinion. Read as “Um, yeah…. no guns, please (wink, wink)”.

  4. Anyone know if this is official TGIF policy or just this particular franchise?

    Well, the TGIFs in MA don’t have these signs. Of course, there’s no such thing as “binding signage” in MA, anyways, so the signs would be less-than-meaningless…

    OTOH, there’s only about 20 of us who carry in MA, so statistically, it’s not worth it to even bother with signs… 😉

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