One of the things that was always attractive about the FN Five-seveN (other than that it makes Paul Helmke a sad panda) was the ammo capacity.  I’m a firm believe in the “more bullets is better” theory of gunfighting, so if I can have a gun that holds 20 rounds, I would.  Hence the large magazine on 5.7x28mm gun was appealing – until I bought a Springfield XDm. 19 rounds in the mag + 1 in the pipe make my desire for a souped up .22 Magnum dissipate entirely. Why rely on a weird novelty cartridge when you can pack 20 rounds of 147 grain JHP?


  1. And this is why I have a borderline OCD lust for the civilian P-90. 50 rounds of five-seven in an easily carried carbine just keeps calling to me. The whole geek association with Stargate probably doesn’t hurt either. :p

  2. I love my XDm9 for many reasons, but I really enjoy the capacity. I would love to find a .22 handgun with high capacity mags.

  3. I second the capacity thing with 22’s!

    Though, if you’re shooting a Ruger Mk2 or Mk3, you gotta check this out:
    Ultimate Loader

    I’ve heard rumors that it works for the Buckmark too…

  4. “Why rely on a weird novelty cartridge when you can pack 20 rounds of 147 grain JHP”

    Why rely on 20 rounds of 147 grain JHP when you can pack 20 rounds of 124 grain +P JHP that open more reliably than 147 grain JHP? Is the XDm not rated for +P?

  5. Because I prefer 147 grain bullets. They shoot softer, and the Winchester Ranger load is a reliable manstopper, as loads of dead guys can attest to. Any modern hollowpoint of proper construction is going to reliable penetrate 12 inches or better and expand to .60 or better after defeating common barriers.

  6. “And the XD is probably about the same size as the FiveSeveN.
    For such a wimpy cartridge I’m surprised the gun is such a porker!”

    Weer’d, do you mean the XD or the 5-7?


    (That was a joke all…)

  7. Just noticing the pic at the top of the page…

    Caleb doesn’t want to show off his new XDm. Caleb doesn’t want to show off his new timer. Caleb doesn’t want to show off his new camera. Caleb wants to show off how frickin’ ripped his forearms are.

    Okay, dude, cough up the exercise regimen, because we all want to be able to (in the immortal words of Todd Jarret) “grip the gun 20% tighter!

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