Unthinkable technology

This isn’t about guns, so I’ll keep it brief.  The other day, while I was leaving the grocery store, my mom sent me a text message asking me if I could look for an In-N-Out Burger in between Petaluma and San Francisco.  Mind you, I’m in Indiana and she’s (apparently) in California at the time.  I used the Google Maps/Search function on my iPhone and found one, so I texted her back the address.

Living in the future is weird.


  1. I used to live in that area, and the first one that comes to mind is the one just off 101 in San Rafael. Headed south, I think it’s the first one you come to, not sure though. I know there’s one further north in Santa Rosa.
    BTW, it was Novato, Penngrove, and then Cotati I used to live in until I moved back to North Carolina.

    My wife took a trip on her ownnone time, called me up and asked me for directions when she got there. “I don’t know sweety, don’t you have the GPS on the dashboard?”

  2. Nah. The future is bogus. We don’t have genetically engineered hyper intelligent monkey butlers, we don’t have personal hover cars, we don’t have intelligent robots doing our bidding 24/7.

    Well, 23/7. They do have to spend some time plotting our conquest with the leader of the ape resistance.

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