Speaking of shooting

After we got done testing the DDXV, I shot my new Springfield XDM, including an El Presidente Drill. The video below starts right after the buzzer goes off, so I’m already halfway through the spin move.

Watching video of myself shoot helps improve my shooting, because I can analyze what I’m doing wrong. In between the 3rd and 4th shots, something goes hinky and I mess up the cadence, which threw my rhythm off slightly. Total drill time was 6.86 seconds with only 3 charlie hits, and the rest alpha, but it could have been faster.


  1. Yup… video is a great training aid. As I mostly shoot alone, it’s the only way I can get a different perspective on what I’m doing wrong (or occasionally right).

    You be fast my friend…. impressive.

  2. Unfortunately with my shoulder / neck injury, shooting isn’t in the cards nor has it been for a while (my last range trip turned out to be a bad idea. I suffered a bit more for a few days than normal).

    However, the one thing I’ve been trying to do is follow Brian Enos’ advice and make every shot the only shot I’m paying attention to. The previous shot and the next shot are not on my mind.

    For ME, shooting in a cadence is a bad thing because I tend to pull the trigger because it’s time to pull it, not because I’m on target. I try to avoid that right now, even at the cost of losing time because until I can shoot accurately, speed shouldn’t be an issue.

  3. Robb, I do use a cadence when I’m shooting for speed. 99% of the time I don’t worry about the rythm because I’m shooting for accuracy. However, that run was a “pure speed” run, so timing and cadence are important.

  4. Two questions:

    1.) Are the IPSC and IDPA version of El Pres Different? (spacing, distance, etc…)

    2.) If you shoot El Pres with a cover garment, how much does it slow you down?

  5. As far as I know the drills are the same. The cover garment doesn’t really slow me down becase I throw an empty mag in the pocket over my holster – that way when I turn the garment flaps open from my momentum and exposes the pistol.

  6. I tried to slow down the video so I could better see your presentation from holster. Uh… yeah! The presentation happens in a single frame between 0:00 and 0:01, so I’d urge you to speed up a little lol

    Good shootin’!

  7. Dude, I’ve watched it a few more times and, while you haven’t yet hit the Travis Thomasie “WTF did he just do?” level, your reloads are getting mighty damn smooth. A winner is you! 8)

  8. 😀

    I spend a lot of time standing over the futon in my loft dropping mags and slamming a new mag home. One of the things I really, really <3 ++ about the ExDee is the mag release is far enough back that I can nail it with my shooting hand without shifting my grip on the pistol.

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