Gun Nuts: Camp Perry show!

We had an excellent show last on Camp Perry, featuring Lars from,  Texas State Highpower Rifle champion Robert from Blackfork, and friend of the show Heath – who had the range facilities set up to let Breda shoot an M1 Carbine for the first time.  You can check out all of last night’s show here, or click here to download an .mp3 file of the Camp Perry show.

Next week’s show is going to be great – we’re continuing the $5 New Caller drive – for each new caller that’s never called in before, I’m going to donate $5 to NRA-ILA to help our fight for our right to keep and bear arms.  Next week’s show is going to feature special guest Larry Correia, author of Monster Hunter International – which is currently screaming up the charts at

As usual, the show is available on iTunes – you can subscribe going to the iTunes store and searching for “Gun Nuts Radio”, or by following this link to subscribe to our raw RSS feed.  Join us next week at 9pm Eastern time for a live review of the new Daniel Defense DDXV carbine, and to talk to Larry Correia, author of Monster Hunter International!

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  1. I thought Breda might be a carbine natural. I think that’s a 1943 Standard Products.

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