Les Baer HC 40

Les Baer, renowned pistolsmith and maker of fine 1911s has a new pistol out that will appeal to the IPSC and other competition shooters out there.  It’s called the Les Baer HC 40 – a high capacity (19 round) .40 S&W pistol built on a Caspian frame.  The features list from Les Baer Custom includes the following:

Caspian high capacity frame • Special beavertail grip safety •Ambidextrous thumb safety • LBC 5” 40 S&W slide fitted to frame • LBC 40 S&W match barrel with supported chamber fitted with match stainless steel barrel bushing • Double serrations on slide • LBC low mount adjustable rear sight with hidden rear leaf • LBC dovetail front sight • Lowered and flared ejection port • Tuned extractor • Baer extended ejector • Baer checkered slide stop • Match trigger fitted • Crisp 4 lb. trigger pull • Baer deluxe hammer, sear and disconnector • Flat mainspring housing • Integral mag well in frame • Polished feed ramp • Complete tactical package • Pistol tuned for total reliability • Bead blast blue finish on lower and polished sides on slide • Wood grips • (1) 18-round 40 S&W high capacity magazine

MSRP isn’t listed on Les Baer’s website, but according to my latest edition of American Rifleman, it’s $2960 – which according to my calculations equals 2 Glock 35s (at $500 each), 30 15 round magazines for the Glocks, a great holster from Blade-Tech, and still have 900 bucks left to spend on ammo so you can practice. The only reason I point out that is because a couple of guys named Sevigny and Vogel are doing everything in their power to prove that you don’t need a whizbang high dollar gun to win in USPSA.

In all seriousness though, Les Baer puts together great guns – if you’ve got the money and the inclination, you’re not going to go wrong buying the Les Baer HC 40 for self-defense, IPSC, or IDPA competition. It will be a top-notch blaster from the factory, and you will have the pride of ownership in a custom competition firearm.


  1. Wayyy more money than I’d spend, but I’m not saying it isn’t worth it.

    Still I’d prefer it in full-power 10mm Auto rather than 10mm S&W Special, I can’t imagine it would have any less capacity.

  2. Nice pistol, but I don’t see it going anywhere. The current trend in USPSA Limited guns is towards lightweight 6″ .40s with 20-22 round capacity. A heavy, 5″, 18-round Limited gun is a little behind the times, especially for $300 more than a Benny Hill 6″ full-custom gun.

  3. cjr – yeah, one of the weird things that I’ve been seeing is a lot more Glocks with hi-caps and magwells running around in limited. In fact, Glock has pumped a bunch of G24s into the market. I had one of those, and it’s one of three guns I regret selling.

  4. Yeah, Glock is definately making some inroads into the Limited market. Reliable guns with inexpensive 20-round magazines will do that.

    I’m seriously looking forward to a 5″ M&P40 Pro…

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