Unfortunate typo

My favorite wire service, The Tactical Wire, has an unfortunate typo in their headline this morning.  The headline reads “Frank James passes away”, which caused me QUITE a shock, as I know Frank, and would have heard from the Indiana grapevine (corn vine?) if something was amiss.  Needless to say, I read the article to find out that it was referrencing Frank’s memorializing of Jack Lewis, whose death was a great loss to the firearms and shooting community.

I don’t mean this to make light of Jack’s passing, however I do think that someone might want to let Frank know that the Tactical Wire thinks he’s dead.  Here’s the screen grab for posterity.

frank is dead


  1. I’m not sure Frank can be killed. You can cut on his eyeball and he’s running around on a tractor five minutes later.

  2. I emailed Jim Shepard at the Tactical Wire and got an emabarassed, sheepish response back. He’s already called Frank and told him, “no matter what you read, you can’t sleep in.”

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