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I have probably mentioned this before, but I’ve been fascinated with the Taurus Judge ever since Taurus released it. Not because it’s also a .410 shotgun, but specifically and only because of its ability to house my favorite pistol cartridge, the .45 Colt. It also helps that the Judge is built on a medium sized frame, so that it’s less of a tank than the Ruger Redhawk, and much more affordable than the S&W Model 25. Unfortunately, the Taurus has a couple of inherent drawbacks, the first of which is that it only houses 5 rounds. Secondly, the super long cylinder, designed to accommodate .410 shotgun rounds means that a .45 Colt round has a long way to go before it contacts the rifling. Plus, the monster cylinder makes the gun ridiculously large for carry and difficult to select a holster for.

However, Taurus sells them like hotcakes, which is good because it means that people are making .45 Colt ammo. I guess if I want a DA .45 Colt, I’ll just have to deal with the monster size of the Redhawk or shell out the bucks for an S&W.


  1. I’ve actually been suggesting the Judge to my parents since I shot one a few months ago. Living out in the country, and spending a good deal of time in the woods, it’s the perfect gun for them. Two round of .410 loaded with a light shot to kill snakes and deter anything larger. If the .410 doesn’t make anything larger (2 or 4 legged) change its mind, a few rounds of .45 LC to make it briefly regret it.

  2. OK, I guess you’ll have to work it out of your system.

    Got no desire for one, myself, after seeing the full page pic the first time Am. Rifleman reviewed it.

  3. I believe they have 3 versions currently:
    2 1/2″ cyclinder on medium frame
    2 1/2″ cyclinder on small frame
    3″ cyclinder on medium frame

    In addition there are different barrel lengths.

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