California Question

If everything goes as planned, I’m going to be shooting in the Steel Challenge in Piru, CA this August.  In addition to the centerfire stuff, I was planning on shooting a rimfire rifle in the rimfire rifle event.  That however leads me to my question – the Ruger 10/22 that I have for this is wearing a Blackhawk stock with a pistol grip on it.  Does that make my Ruger an “Assault Weapon” under California’s byzantine firearms laws, or am I good to bring that particular gun into the state without worrying about being arrested or some silly business.

My centerfire guns won’t be a problem, since I’m shooting revolvers in the Steel Challenge this year, which should be quite the fun experience.


  1. No, rimfire rifles are exempted from the penal code definition of a rifle. That code starts with “any center-fire cartridge.”

  2. Just make sure you only bring under capacity mags (10 rounds or less) and you’re fine.

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