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I am sure that you have heard the phrase “Those who can, do – those who can’t, teach.” This saying doesn’t always hold true in the shooting sports, as many of the top flight instructors and schools are populated with former Tier-1 military personnel, top USPSA shooters, etc. However, I got an email yesterday as a response to the post about Front Sight’s assets being seized that asked me what I had against Front Sight. I guess I could have pointed out the shady land deals, the defrauding students, the Scientology (yeeeeeeesh), but when you really get down to it’s that when you’re looking at Front Sight, the saying about “those who can’t, teach” is 100% true. Iggy P. has no shooting credentials other than going to other people’s gun schools and skimming their materials. No high level competition experience, no military/LE experience just a made up title (4 weapons combat master?) and some expensive classes.

I guess I could also add that he’s one of the many people that have stolen Marko’s “Why the Gun is Civilization” essay and incorrectly attributed it to Major Caudill. So you could add “plagiarism” and “intellectual property theft” to the list of reasons I don’t like Front Sight.


  1. There are lots of established shooting schools to choose from that haven’t defrauded shooters with huge undelivered promises. I don’t know why people defend the guy.

  2. Several folks have told me that once you get past the land deals and other stuff, the Front Sight training is actually quite good. I cannot attest to that but I’ve heard it from enough people.

  3. Well, that is sort of the problem. You shouldn’t have to make that kind of a qualifying statement about a gun school.

  4. BTW, FrontSight is on full-court offense on this one. Cowboy Blob got the following email from them (

    From Piazza:

    Don’t be concerned.

    You can’t believe everything you see on the Internet.

    This is pure BS written by a reporter who was banned from Front Sight after she was convicted of illegally carry a gun into a courtroom.

    We are training 428 students as we speak and are totally in control of Front Sight.

    We look forward to seeing you on your next course.


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