You know you've made it when

You have a drinking game created about you. You watch the live webcam feed during Gun Nuts Radio, you’ve probably seen me on camera doing what I do best, which is talking with my hands. Apparently one of our regular watches/listeners decided to create a drinking game based around my on camera antics. There are rules and everything!

1. He changes hats – drink
2. He mentions para, lda, or blackhawk serpa – drink
3. He stands or sits – drink
4. He gestures wildly – drink
5. He talks about frangible bullets – drink
6. Whenever he talks over the caller or guest – drink
7. He asks breda something – 2 drinks
8. He ambushes Breda with an unknown topic, you slam the rest of the drink
9. But if you post drink to the chat room first, you don’t have to drink and everyone else does.

I do have to say, I have a small concern that following these rules will get someone killed, because in the course of a given night, there is a good chance I’ll do everything on that list.


  1. I’d wager for more than one show, you’ll do everything on the list TWICE.

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