Friday Sillies

Because it’s Friday, here’s a poll for you. Everyone knows I watch a lot of TV, so here’s the question for the poll: If someone you cared about was murdered, which team of fictional detectives would you want investigating the case? If you pick “other” make sure you write the team in the box.

Let’s review the highlights of each team, shall we?

NCIS Team: Here you have a well rounded team consisting of four of the most stereotypical characters on TV, and yet you can’t but help love them. Sort of the “plucky underdog” of investigative teams, they always seem to solve and investigate crimes that aren’t anywhere near NCIS’s actual jurisdiction.

Charlie Crews and Reese frome “Life”: one of the more interesting teams. Cruise was framed for murders he didn’t commit, and during his time in prison got in touch with his zen side. A big plus is that it would turn out near the end of the case that the murder of your loved one would somehow tie in to the conspiracy that put him away.

Castle and Beckett from “Castle”: as mentioned in the poll, Nathan Fillion is there “for the ladies”. Although the chick that plays Beckett is pretty easy on the eyes. This is weirdest team, using some kind of combination of “author skills” and actual detective work. Bonus – you may get to hear Castle make inappropriate wisecracks about your dead friend!

The Batman: He’s the g**damn Batman.


  1. What no CSI teams made the list? I still had to go with Castle and Beckett. Something about inappropriate wisecracks appeals to me.

  2. No, because I hate CSI. I almost put CSI: Miami on there to make a crack about what a lousy actor David Caruso is, but that’s a lot of work for a joke post.

  3. About the only detective show I watch these days is “Numbers”, as Mrs. ExKev is a math teacher and she likes it for that reason, although they do stretch things a bit (ok, more than a bit) with what you can do with statistics and algorithms.

    At first I had some problems with Dr. Fleischman from Northern Exposure as a tough-as-nails FBI agent, but he’s grown into the role, and the scenes with the rest of his family are very good. Nice to see Judd Hirsch still working, and I’m pleased to see him play a authority/father figure who’s a good guy and not some closet freak.

  4. And I’m disappointed with “Flashpoint”. For a show about a SWAT team, there’s been very little tension or action. Maybe it’s ’cause it originates out of Canada and they don’t want to show the bad guys as, well, bad guys, but the villain in every show so far has been some poor tortured soul who’s had to take desperate measures because of desperate times and is talked out of it by a loving, caring and heavily armed SWAT cop.


    No high-risk warrants. No drug house takedowns. No bad guys that are just rotten to the core. Just PC smushiness with M4’s and body armor. I dropped it from my TiVo list last week. If I want that kind of sappy emotional crap, I’ll watch Dr. Phil.

  5. “to make a crack about what a lousy actor David Caruso is, but that’s a lot of work for a joke post.”

    *takes off sunglasses, stares into distance*

    “Well then let’s get to work.”

    *puts hands on hips*

    *roll opening credits*


  6. Other:

    Archangel / Stringfellow Hawke. (Batman gets honorable mention.) Screw all this dainty forensics crap, I want revenge and explosions.

  7. The Zen partners because you know you’ll get your money’s worth from them! And well, I just love watching partners Crews and Reese interact.

  8. Exurban Kevin, you forgot “never faces camera directly.”

    I’m beginning to wonder if Caruso’s neck isn’t permanently turned at a 45 degree angle…

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