Gun Nuts on Tuesday

Last week, we asked you for ideas on what show you wanted us to do. Being a bunch of stand up folks, you responded. Here are the best four results that also represent shows that can be produced with minimal lead time. There were other good suggestions as well, and I put some of those in my “do a show on this later” file.

A couple of thoughts: an NFA show would be fun, especially if we could get someone on the air that actually understands NFA laws, because I sure don’t. A show about my favorite gun would be a rehash of a show we’ve done before, but could easily do again as the audience size has approximately doubled since then.

Vote now! Winner of the poll gets the show tomorrow night!

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  1. Caleb, your suggestion of bringing on a guest to talk about NFA laws gave me another idea for a future show. How about a show talking about C&R and military surplus firearms. I can’t recall you and Breda talking much about the subject, but I get the impression that some of your loyal listeners/callers may have quite a bit of knowledge to share on the matter.

    Whatever the subject this week, I look forward to listening on my iPod.

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