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  1. You know on the whole ‘Weaver vs. Isoceles’ thing, I tend to use the ‘weaver’, but that is a direct result of shooting heavy, hard recoiling guns. It’s the easiest way to manage their recoil for the frequently needed 2nd & 3rd shot.

    As for the ‘tactical ted’ vs. the ‘gamesman’ argument, I simply try and kill things (as in live animals) with a handgun and if what I’m using doesn’t do the job because its caliber is a poor ‘stopper’, the round has a terrible flight trajectory, the gun is inaccurate, or Last But Not Least because I can’t shoot it worth a darn, then I better transition to something longer or something I can shoot better.

    It was personal experiences that helped me sharpen my attitudes.

    All The Best,
    Frank W. James

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