More on the Ruger LCR has a review of one of the “production” LCR revolvers.  I had a “hey I know that guy” moment when they mentioned Frank James.

The review itself is pretty straightforward, as the little Ruger does everything that you’d expect it to.  Although the fact that it produced a 3 inch group at 25 yards is a little startling, as that’s superb accuracy from such a little gun.  You can chalk that up to the fact that most guns are far more mechanically accurate than the average shooter can wring out of them.

I’m not really a “revolver” guy, but the ugly little Ruger has a lot of appeal to me.  I think it’s the fact that it is ugly as sin, and because parts of made of plastic which drives the wheelgun purists absolutely nuts.  I mean hey, I’ve already been cast out of the Church of JMB for my use of heretical fire control systems (which I love), I might as well get excommunicated by the Wheelgun Diocese while I’m at it, right?

When I played with the LCR at SHOT Show, I was very impressed by how light it was, and how even the trigger pull was on the demo models they had out. With the addition of a Crimson Trace Lasergrip, it really seems like it would make an excellent concealed carry gun.


  1. And you know what else? That little Ruger will probably force Smith & Wesson to get rid of their stupid keyhole frames on their revolvers, or at least the snubbies. The Ruger has a lock mechanism, too, but wisely places it under the grips, and doesn’t ruin the aesthetics of the frame the way that S&W does.

  2. That’s why I won’t buy a new S&W snubbie. In a PD gun, I need to trust the gun, and the S&W locks, I just don’t trust (I’ve actually seen them lock spontaneously). I’d buy an older one, though!

    As for the LCR, personally, I don’t think it’s “ugly” at all. I think it looks really cool! But I’ll have to look at its “safety lock” to see just how likely it is to spontaneously lock. If it isn’t, then I might just buy one.


  3. Just buying a ruger lcr and curious to know what ammo
    best fitts the gun. Or should I say what’s best for the accuracy
    at that afore mentioned 25 yards

  4. Pretty much any of your garden variety .38 Special +P is going to give you defensive accuracy. I’m old school, I like 158 grain lead semi-wadcutter hollowpoints for my .38s.

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