Gun Nuts Tonight: Entertainment Tonight!

On Gun Nuts Radio, live tonight at 9pm Eastern we’re going to be aping one of those horrible “Entertainment news” shows.  I’m kidding, of course.  Gun Nuts Radio will never turn into one of those things, but what we will be doing on tonight’s show is talking about our favorite firearms media: books, movies, and TV.  Tonight should be a pretty call-in heavy show, as we want to hear what gun-related media you enjoy – fiction or non, we don’t care.

As always, the call in number for tonight’s show is 347-539-5436.  We’ll be wanting you, our listeners to call in and join the discussion live!  Also, in a departure from the last two weeks, Breda will be hosting the show live from our new Webcam, that we use as a Featured host with Blog Talk Radio.  That’s tonight at 9pm Eastern Time, live at!


  1. for the movies show, I’m a little disappointed no one mentioned the Jesse Stone movies, with Tom Selleck. I’m sure he has a lot of input, especially with the gun handling.

  2. Surprised the movie “The Way of the Gun” was not brought up. Its one of my all time favorite gun movies and maintains a good gun handling through out the movie. The director did The Usual Suspects, who’s brother was in a Seal team.

    Its not a popular movie, but its got more of a cult following to it.

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