Horrible Russian Glock Thing

You know, I’ve always had an appreciation for Russian firearms.  Not because they’re good, but because the Russians have an excellent knack for taking other people’s ideas, and making them ugly and clunky looking.

Witness the GSh-18, which is sort of like the horrible bastard child or a Glock and an FN Five-seveN.  “The safety is on the trigger” and it fires a round capable of defeating body armor.  Also, I am digging the Russian stock PR footage of the guy dual-weilding these things as he aimlessly blazes off rounds at some sort of terrorist.


  1. Good gawd even the demo model looks rusted to hell…I also love the guy wearing hearing protection ABOVE his ears…

  2. But russian engineering is not just ugly and clunky, it’ll keep working for years without maintenance and if it breaks, you can fix it with a length of string and a bit of coathanger wire. This applies to cars, radios, aeroplanes and probably Soyuz and Mir as well…

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