Speaking of 1911s

For the Do-it-yourself 1911 guy, Para-USA has a pretty neat product in their pro shop.  You can go to Para’s website and buy a complete slide assembly for your homegrown 1911 pistol which comes with the following set up:

This is a complete slide assembly in stainless steel, and includes a fiber optic front sight, fixed rear sight, a Para Power Extractor assembly, plunger spring, firing pin, firing pin plunger, firing pin spring and firing pin stop.

If you’re building a 1911 from the ground up, buying a complete slide assembly could be a way to save yourself some time and heartache. Since it comes complete and assembled, instead of having to build the stripped slide up with the parts, all you need to do is fit it to your bushing, barrel, and frame, and then you’re off to the races. The fiber-optic front sight will provide fast target acquisition during those run and gun stages, while the fixed sight rides low on the gun so you won’t rip your hand to shreds doing malfunction drills. The whole shebang retails for $499.99.