Concealed Carry Gear on a Budget

In the past, I’ve mentioned that I’ve got a drawer full of old holsters that I don’t use.  In that drawer is a mishmash of old gear from all sorts of manufacturers, but what you won’t find in that drawer are holsters from Galco or holsters from Blackhawk, because I use those rigs.  I first used a Galco rig when I was carrying a Ruger GP100, and since then they’ve been my favorite rig for leather holsters.  I had a less than stellar experience with one of their plastic holsters, but I have absolutely no reservations about their leather gear.  I think it’s affordable, quality gear, which is why at the Gun Nuts Radio Blog there is a post up spotlighting the Galco Paddle-Lite Concealed Carry Package.

For less than $80, you can get a leather holster, a magazine carrier, and reinforced leather gunbelt.  It’s all the gear you need for concealed carry, or a great way to get started in IDPA for not a lot of money.


  1. +1 on the Galco gear (although their custom stuff is outrageous – I really wanted a rig in Stingray until I saw the quote). I think their Concealable Belt Holster is outstanding and own one for each of my carry guns. I also have a couple of their leather belts as well as a reinforced nylon belt.

    Speaking of belts, it surprised me how many people complained about holster quality (loose, flopping around) without realizing that a gun belt is as important as the quality of the holster you choose. I work at a gun shop every once in a while (filling in when others need a day off) and have sold a ton of belts to people who thought their holster needed to be replaced.

    I’m not a fan of IWB holsters, but I’ve tried them, and I think Galco’s offerings leave a lot to be desired. When people are dead set on IWB, I usually send them to the Crossbreed web site.

    I don’t OC often (and i don’t like retention mechanisms on CC holsters), but for retention, Safariland can’t be beat. I know the Blackhawk CQCs are the most popular and they work, but the quality (and lining) on the Safariland holsters is top notch. I also like that the retention mechanism is located on the inside of the holster – further reducing the chance that someone trying to disarm you would know where, much less be able to get to, the release.

  2. Hunting rigs are a Galco Fletch for the 1911, and a Bianchi Cyclone for the S&W N-frames. I’d heartily recommend either to someone who needs a leather holster with retention.

    I’d been shooting IDPA with the Fletch, but the thumb break was driving me nuts. Just got a Gould belt slide for a cheap price and will try that out … hopefully with good results.

  3. Very nice. Good find. I’ll be passing this along to a few fellow shooters on a budget.

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