Ruger Sales up 16 percent in 2008

Ruger has released their financial statements for 2008, their net sales were $181.4 million, up from $156.5 million in 2007. Read the statement here, and click the link for their full financial statement.

A lot of this reflects the insane gun buying boom in 3rd and 4th quarter, as well as the immense popularity of Ruger’s LCP pistol.

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  1. This could possibly reflect that since Bill Ruger is dead, those of us who AREN’T Bill Ruger’s “honest man” and want more than 10 rounds will now buy from them. Note, too, that since Bill Ruger is dead, they’ve been making smaller and more concealable firearms. (Ever try to conceal a P90 or P85? Please.)

    Bill Ruger was a strange contradiction – a genius for making solid firearms like the 10/22… and bullheadedly stubborn about not fixing their faults (Bolt release, magazine release, crappy sights and awful trigger). And we won’t discuss his fetish for low capacity magazines. Oh, wait… I already did.

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