1. FWIW, when I used to carry a Jetfire or Tomcat, part of my malf reduction plan involved carrying a loose round of ball ammo in my pocket…

  2. I have a Beretta Model 21 – the 22LR version of the mighty .25 caliber Jetfire. I should have bought a Tomcat, but hey, no excuse at this late date.

    When I first got it, having read that they were prone to jams, I got a second magazine and then a bulk box of Remington Golden Bullets (the cheapest they sold) from the local Academy Sporting Goods store and started shooting. I had to work at it to get more than one magazine without a jam, but I persevered through about 250 rounds, at which point the gun started shooting longer strings without jams.

    At that point I went diving in my steel box o’ 22s, and came up with about 8 brands, which I carefully documentedfor jams as I shot them. I used everything from Eley to Winchester SuperX, and the darn Golden Bullets came up the winner for lack of jamming. I have shot these exclusively in my mousegun since then.

    After a year ( with about another 500 rounds total through the gun), jamming still occurs on the first round out of the magazine. After the round loaded into the barrel shoots just fine, and ejects just fine, the round from the magazine will jam either in the magazine, or will jam into the top of the barrel and not load. While tapping the magazine (as seen with M-16 mags in old Vietnam movies) to settle the rounds seems to help, it is not sufficient to remove the problem.

    My conclusion is that I can trust the first shot out of my mouse gun but the second is iffy. If the second will shoot the rest will, too.

    Jam resolution? I carry my Glock 19.

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