Gun Nuts Tonight: Gear head show

We talked a little bit last week about tonight’s Gun Nuts Radio, which is going to be a “carry gear/gun gear” show, with the exception that to make things interesting, we’re not going to be talking about guns. 

Our topic will primarly be carry gear other than guns, such as holsters, knives, and flashlights.  Speaking of knives, we’ll be joined tonight by Jared West, president of Mantis Knives from around 9:20 to 9:40 to talk about their products.

As usual, you can join the conversation on tonight’s Gun Nuts Radio by calling us at 347-539-5436.  The show goes live at 9pm, and we’d love to have you join us!


  1. *sigh* I was actually considering buying one of their knives (though some reviews I have read are less than encouraging concerning the company, not their products), but I am going to have to miss this one. Guess I will listen in later.

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