Dear Taurus Firearms

Please make a six shot Judge revolver.  Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the ability of the gun to shoot .410 shotshells, but because it shoots .45 Colt rounds (my all time favorite cartridge) I want one.  I’ve wanted one for a long time, but have never bought it because of the damnable 5 shot capacity makes it utterly useless for what I’d want to use it for.  Now, while I was excited about their new “Compact” Judge revolver from a marketing standpoint, it’s still a 5-shooter.

Really when I think about it, I don’t so much want Taurus to make a 6 shot Judge as I want someone (I’m looking at you, Charter Arms) to make a six shot, .45 Colt revolver with either a 3 inch or a 4 inch barrel.  And yes, I know that Ruger makes a 4 inch, six shot Redhawk, and I want it so hard that it hurts a little bit.


  1. Wow. Didn’t know you were a member of the Church of the 45 Colt. I, too, have considered just how sweet it would be if I had a 6-holer with a stubby barrel. I have an S&W 25-5, but I baby it. Clearly one is not enough.

  2. Oh yeah, when I’m not playing at High-Speed-Low-Drag tactical shooter guy, I’m loving on the Grandaddy of the Big Bores.

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