A potential gain in the Senate

The news is reporting that Rep Kirsten Gillibrand will be selected to fill Sen. Clinton’s vacant seat in the US Senate.  This is awesome news, at least from a fiscal and gun rights perspective.  Gillibrand is considered to be a “Blue Dog” Democrat, and has been criticized for supporting gun owner’s rights in New York.

Now, if the eventual gun ban gets to the Senate, it will be incredibly important for New York gun owners to burn up her phones to make sure that she opposes any gun bans that may end up on the Senate floor.  We’ve gone from having Hillary, who was guaranteed to support gun bans to a potential vote against a gun ban.

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  1. While your suggestion is certain action that should be taken at the last possible minute, with her upcoming election for the seat in 2010, it would be more prudent for NY gun owners to begin steering their political donations to her now. It makes it far more likely that she will listen when they call.

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