Top 10 Search results

I don’t get a lot of google hits for whatever reason – I think that the Cylons Google Lords are still kind of mad at me for the time my blog was hijacked and spammed with porno links. However, the Gun Nuts Radio Blog gets a ton of search engine hits. Here are the Top 10 search results for the Gun Nuts Blog, which I’ve linked to the post that Google returns:

  1. 5.45×39
  2. Para gi Expert
  3. h.r. 6691
  4. m&p 15r
  5. hr 6691
  6. para ltc 9mm
  7. gun nuts
  8. gi expert
  9. kc eusebio
  10. hs precision

Those are replicated exactly from my Google Analytics report, which is both the most scary and awesome reporting tool for a webmaster that I’ve ever seen.

One of the things I’ve tried to do with the Gun Nuts Radio Blog is keep the focus entirely on the shooting sports and gun rights –  unlike here where I will tend to migrate across other topics occasionally.  The result of that is that Gun Nuts is slowly turning into an excellent repository of firearms related information, whether it’s new products, political news, or gun reviews.  And it’s not even 6 months old.