Block the Holder nomination

This is the letter I sent yesterday to every. single. Republican. on the Judiciary Committee – I will do my part to block the nomination of Eric Holder as attorney general.

Senator [Name]

I am writing in regards to the pending confirmation hearings for Eric Holder, who has been nominated by President Elect Obama to fill the office of Attorney General in the upcoming administration.  I strongly urge you to do everything within your power to block the nomination of Mr. Holder as AG.

During his previous work  for the Justice Department, Mr. Holder displayed a tremendous lack of regard for the Constitution, as well as a willingness to push for increasingly restrictive gun control laws.  During a critical Supreme Court case (DC vs. Heller) Mr. Holder signed on to a brief supporting the rejected opinion that the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution establishes a collective right to bear arms, and not an individual right.  This collective right interpretation was rejected by all 9 Justices, including those dissenting from the majority opinion.

It is my belief that if successfully appointed as Attorney General, Mr. Holder will continue to erode the freedoms of law abiding citizens, by using his powers as the highest law enforcement officer in the nation to influence and increase our already myriad gun control laws.  It is because of this that I again urge you to block the appointment of Mr. Holder to the office of Attorney General, and force President-Elect Obama to nominate a candidate who respects the entirety of the Constitution.



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