Brady Campaign sues to stop Nat. Park carry

Dave Hardy has an analysis of the issues with their suit here.  Sebastian points out there are some logical inconsistencies in the complaints of the Brady Campaign.  From his blagowebs:

Carrying firearms is still prohibited on the National Mall and at Ellis Island, because the states they are in prohibit carrying of firearms.  Hell, even Independence Hall in Philadelphia will still be off limits, because while Pennsylvania allows for licensed concealed carry, access to Independence National Historical Park is through a a federal facility, where guns are still illegal.  This is fear mongering, pure and simple.  As usual with the Brady folks, these claims are patently false.

That’s right, the Brady Campaign is somehow claiming that the rule change would magically reverse the “No CCW” laws of Washington DC.

The danger in this sort of legal action is how it plays in the media – when the all important middle ground sees stuff like this, they often don’t challenge it and just assume that the media wouldn’t lie to them about it.  That’s why it’s important for us as activists to point out the logical and factual innacuracies; just as Sebastian and Dave did.