Save the M14

Robert has a link to sign a petition asking the government to stop destroying surplus M14s, but instead convert them to semi-auto and sell them via the CMP.  It’s a worthwhile cause, as a CMP M14 would sell like hotcakes…and the supplies of M1 are really starting to dry up.

The downside is that it would likely take an Act of Congress to allow this to happen, thanks the ATF’s regs about machine guns, but hey, a boy can dream, right?


  1. I believe this is something that the Director of the BATFE could do by administrative directive, not that he will. He is empowered to make almost any kind of exception he wishes.

  2. Is the government still destroying them? AFAIK the Army is issuing every one it can get its’ hands on (designated marksman rifle). Most of the rifles used for security and line throwing on USN vessels were returned to Crane for rework/re-issue. State rifle teams and police departments were requested to return the ones they were issued/sold.

  3. Good grief! They could at least have the decency to torch cut the receivers, scrap the FA parts, and sell them as parts kits like an AK.

  4. Yankee Workshop, they did. Springfield Armory bought tons of the parts for use in their M1A rifles – I have 5 dating from the mid-90’s, the only non-GI parts are the receivers.

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