I have un-failed myself

Thanks in no small part to the kind folk at M1911.org and my good friend Tam, I managed to fix the problem with my Para P16-40 Limited.  It turns that the diagnosis of the leaf spring being slightly out of whack was 100%, and after two tries (and a significant amount of cursing) I managed to get all the parts to line up correctly.

While I was trying to figure things out, probably the most helpful thing I found was this video at the m1911.org site; which shows in glorious 3d the reassembly process for the 1911 pistol.

Honestly, seeing the leaf spring go in correctly in that video (and watching it about 4 times) was a real big help in making sure that all the parts in the gun were aligned correctly. And it still took me two tries, but when I was done, I felt good about it – sense of pride and ownership and all that.


  1. I used the same video when I reassembled my 1911. If you haven’t removed the mainspring, you’re in for a good time. Before you start, get some booze, smokes or whatever your vice is and prepare yourself.

  2. ZOMG! That’s the kewlest vid evar! The funniest thing I saw today was an owners manual that came with a new rifle included a packet of tylenol. There’s a sense of humor at that gun shop.

  3. Was it an Armalite AR-50? They throw in Tylenol. It’s for the aftereffects of the muzzle brake if you forget to double up on ear pro…

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