Dear Professional Athletes

Please stop carrying guns.  I’m serious guys, you have to knock this kind of crap off.  You see, it’s not that I don’t support your 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, because of all the people on earth, I do.  But the problem is that you (professional athletes) seem to be a subset of the general population that is incapable of grasping two of the fundamentals necessary for responsible gun ownership, namely 1) the 4 Rules, and 2) the different laws that each state has.

You see, when one of you does something stupid with a gun, it causes problems for all of us – you know, those “little people” who don’t get paid millions of dollars each year to play a game.  Because you’re a public figure, the media gets a hold of stuff like this, and then for the next few weeks I have to hear over and over again about how “no one needs to carry a gun” or “why would anyone want a gun for protection”.  I guess what’s frustrating me is that guys like you don’t have any concept of the fact that your actions have consequences beyond your immediate universe, so you don’t think about the fact that carrying a gun illegally could paint law-abiding gun owners with a negative brush.

So, Pro Athletes, I will take a step back from my initial statement. If you want to exercise your right to keep and bear arms, please do so. But if you are going to do it; realize that you’re held to a higher standard as a gun owner – that your actions if they ever become public have far reaching ramifications for the people who ultimately pay your salary (the fans). So go ahead and carry, but if you are going to, do it legally and safely.

And if you do shoot yourself in the leg while carrying illegally, don’t be surprised if we hang you out to dry, you idiot.


  1. You left out all the rap stars, er, thugs, who do the same thing. As long as these “model citizens” shoot each other up it’s fine by me – just don’t take any of us law-abiding folks with you.

    My mom once told me nothing good happens after midnight, why was Burross going to a club at 3:00 AM with an unlicensed concealed weapon?

    Dumb, just freakin’ dumb.

  2. In Burress’ defense — he is (apparently) a New Jersey resident, so it isn’t possible for him to get a NY CCW. Also, as a non-resident it isn’t possible for him to “register” his pistol in New York.

    As for the 3am deal — I agree, but lots of people enjoy those kinds of activities, who am I to say they shoudn’t be “allowed” to to be out late at night?

    He’s a wealthy, easily recognizable person, a ripe target for a mugging or robbery (remember Sean Taylor?) — why shouldn’t he be allowed to defend himself? Would you require that he always have a bodyguard? Who pays for it? Should we require him to pay for it? Would you want a bodyguard following your every move?

    He should learn basic gun safety, but I’m not going to advocate that he be “forced” to do so.

  3. Another thing — I think that there could be an opportunity for a favorable 2nd Amend court decision here. Apparently Bloomberg wants to throw the book at Burress, fines, jail, the works. Burress will of course be willing to fight this.

    2nd Amend advocates should be contacting his attorneys with advice and information on tactics for fighting these charges — registration, non-residents having no legal access to self-defense, lack of reciprocity for other state CCWs (compare to drivers licenses — not a constitutionally protected right). I’m sure that those better informed than I can come up with more.

    There’s a lot of upside here – well-known, likeable defendant with adequate financial resources for this kind of battle. He’s not charged with a “real” crime – he hurt no one but himself and that was accidentally.

  4. Calling Burress “likable” is a bit of stretch. The problem with mounting a 2nd Amendment defense is that Burress was in clear violation of all kinds of laws: His Florida permit had expired, he didn’t have permits in NYC, New York State, or New Jersey, he was carry concealed illegally, and of course there’s the part about the negligent discharge.

  5. “In Burress’ defense — he is (apparently) a New Jersey resident, so it isn’t possible for him to get a NY CCW. Also, as a non-resident it isn’t possible for him to “register” his pistol in New York.”

    If he can’t abide by NY firearms laws he shouldn’t be carrying. Not knowing that carry was illegal where he was isn’t a valid defense. Even if he had been legally carrying with a valid NY permit he’d still be in a heap of trouble for the ND and for carrying in an establishment that serves alcohol (IIRC that’s a no-no in NY)

    I hope he doesn’t mount a 2A defense because there’s no way he’ll win his case.

  6. Some idiot NYT writer yesterday said that we should abolish the 2nd Amendment because of Burress’ crime.

    BTW – I don’t care if he’s a celebrity and has to fear muggings, etc., he broke the law. If he’s so fearful, why doesn’t he have a bodyguard, or as I said earlier, don’t go to possible target areas at 3:00 AM.

    Likeable? He’s another thug, IMHO. He’s been in trouble off and on for years. Throw the book at him.

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