Waxman replaces Dingell

Bad news for gun owners.

Waxman is considered more liberal on issues like climate change, energy and business regulation, and potentially more aggressive on healthcare. Dingell, the longest-serving House lawmaker, is close to the auto industry and autoworkers.

Waxman, as mentioned, is also extremely anti-gun – which means that we could see heavy handed attempts to regulate the gun industry come out of Congress.  This is a big victory for Pelosi’s hard-left contingent, as they were able to replace John Dingell as committee chair.  Dingell had repeatedly bucked Pelosi on bills and other issues, so I guess that hard left partisan politics eats their own party memebers as well.  Too bad.


  1. I’d like to see a fund to get The WaxMan some reconstructive surgery. The thought of looking up his gross nostrils for the next few years is just overwhelming.

  2. Dingell’s district includes Ann Arbor. He knows his base, and can afford to buck the leadership without facing the music for it.

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